Thursday, October 25, 2007

sOmetHiNg bOut 1%

Petang yang nyaman, ditambah pulak kalau dapat bersenang-lenang depan tv. Kuih pun dah tersedia kat depan mata. Rumah tengah kosong, after having lunch lagi sumer kuar beraya, visiting sedara mara. Tetiba rase nak tersengih, mau dia kene declare bankrupt melayan bebudak ni.Tergelak mengingat gelagat anak2 buah yang sumernye kecik2. tengah membesar, banyak la ragamnya. Bila nak kasik duit raya, bukan main excited, hai...anak sedara sape la ni. Very much materialistic, just exactly like their emak sedara.

Pepagi lagi dah tunggu kat depan pintu bilik, “ibu suruh cium tangan mak cik irah, ibu cakap hari raya kene mintak maaf kat sumer orang.” Sounds very much innocent and sincere, right? But wait till the next sentence, it really killed you right on the dot and destroyed the serenity and tranquility of the raya morning. “mak cik irah tak nak kasik duit raya ke?” dengan ala2 confident plus buat la muka comel sikit so that their mak cik irah would pity them more and gave them extra duit raya. Then, after that she gotta do some sort of checklist, ni ade tak memane anak sedara yang dia tak kasi lagi duit raya.

Kalau ade yang dia rase tak dapat lagi, kene panggil takut lupa pulak nak kasik, “sape nama zaid angkat tangan” “yup, that’s me,” anak kecil itu dipandang berlari-lari anak went to her direction, dengan baju melayunye siap bersongkok, bersamping bagai, dengan satu tangan pegang pedang and another one pegang pistol air, dengan mulut penuh almond London, cute. But it doesn’t mean when you are cuter, you can get more money than your other cousins.

Later that nite, spent some more time with her other anak sedara, watching tv, huha-huha, merepek2, melepak and then there came the pop, top, hot topic........the typical chintan chintun the movie. It started with, “ape watching chick flip movie ni, hampagas betula. Tukar la yang thrill sikit, jiwang la anis ni.” Sambil cakap, sambil duduk kat sebelah anis sambil makan the remaining pieces of kek lapis sarawak. Jimat masa and it just proved how multi-tasking she is. Congrats kat diri sendiri.

“tak senonoh la mak cik irah ni,” “ececey, senonoh la sangat dia. So, what’s up? With all the lovey-dovey movies and the pink color bunga-bungi theme for the raya, are my anak sedara terjatuh minat?” jeng3x the beginning of the interrogation session sambil angkat kening, confident habis. And it appeared that denial is a worst place to live in.............., finally the secret revealed.

“apesal mak cik terkedu ni?” Must admit, diorang dah besar. But this world is so deceitful, love and lust. What makes them different from 1 another? “mak cik tak suka ek? Orang minat je la, tak couple pun” ermmmm, camne ek nak jawab????

“tak la, mane main marah2 ni. It’s just listening from you those kinda story reminds me betapa dah besar panjang budak sorang ni. Buat mak cik wondering, ade ke any contribution yang mak cik bagi in educating you to become a decent lady?”

mata menghala pada anis, “I have a story for you, tapi bukan pasal apple, it’s about a silver needle, interested?” anis takat membalas pandangannya, kening dikerut. Perhaps wondering, ape kene la mak cik dia sorang tetengah malam buta ni?

“In our life we’ll meet lots of people from different backgrounds, living styles and attitudes. They are so many till often we lose count of them. They come into and go away from our life over the time. We may or may not see them again. All the time we pray hard to meet the person again but we never did. Forever we wanna find a way to simply get away from certain people but we often failed.

Then, if it’s so…how in heaven’s name that we are gonna get to know who’s the one for us. There’s something about 1%.... that determines everything. Combination of fate and destiny that leads to a relationship between a man and a woman, a boy and a girl. The 1% that ensure that they are meant for each other, for one union eternally, for a marriage…”
berdehem couples of time, nak tune to the right mood nak buat story telling, another bed time story from her aunt, dalam hati berdoa sungguh2 agar anis learn something from it.

“Finding the right person is like dropping a small, tiny silver needle into a yard which is filled with mountains of dried grasses. Often we lose our hope to find the needle as there is no way that we might get it back. It’s too tiny, the area is too large and lots of the grasses every here and there. The surrounding looks similar, no sign neither clue that might come in handy. The hope is great even it is frail. With hopes, we discover every possible inch of the yard, looking for it, wasting our precious time, just for a needle. Because we still believe that by hook or by crook, sooner or later we’ll find it back, even the chance is only 1%.

What I wanna say is, sometimes we try our best to win somebody else’s future wife’s or husband’s heart. Why we did that? Perhaps, we never believe that our other half is part of His plan for us. So, we make our own plan – the self-destructing one. Seeing a girl, flirting with her, attracted to her, working hard to beat all other competitors, struggling to win her heart, showing off how sexy, pretty and hot she is to the fellows, smug whenever they compliment your chick, holding hands, going out for dates, get closer to a close-proximity or even fornication…but then at the end of the story…………
“Cis, cammane boleh terkawin dengan orang lain ni?”-ouch, the mystery remains unsolved, get it?”

anis takat gelak, “yup, aye aye captain. Crystal. Wear less doesn’t mean than u’ll gain more. You always remind me that I’m not supposed to be everybody’s girlfriend but somebody’s wife. Gotta behave myself. Should always be careful as crazy things people do for lust, not love. In relationship, we’ve gotta know the rules that can only guess for the outcomes. An evil man will always find a way to be on your bed while a good man will always find a way to get to your heart. Same goes for men, a bad chick will always after u for ur money and look while a decent lady will always have a place in ur heart...1% that differentiates the right one from somebody else, betul tak mak cik?” dia menghela nafas lega, tersenyum pada anak sedara yang seorang ni.
“mestila betul. I’m a good teacher, right?”

jodoh pertemuan di tangan Allah, the pen is lifted. The ink is dried. Ape yang kita ade sekarang tak tentu jadi hak milik kita nanti. Lupa padaNya buat kita lupa pada ketentuanNya. Ape yang kita nampak kecil is capable to make a turn over in our life, itulah Qada’ dan QadarNya...HIS decree and predestination...for each of us in this world.