Friday, January 29, 2010

there gOes my HerOes...

'...unacceptable in conservative Malaysia....'

'Sorry that some Malaysians are not open enough...'

'Apologizing is not a mean used to satisfy others.  Not to keeping up with others’ expectations.’ 

'So true. Say sorry only if you feel guilty. If you aren’t feeling one, then just don’t.'

'kalau takat takut dengan cakap- cakap orang, but deep down  in the heart you really sure that you don’t mean it, rasa betul dan tak buat salah, it’s better to keep your mouth shut for fear that the apologizing statement made would further hurt others. Added with the flavor of cynicism and a pinch of sarcasm, making it a perfect recipe of skepticism. ’

Minta maaf tapi seolah-olah tak menyesal. I could be wrong, my bad, I’m prejudice but that’s my personal opinion resulted from the observations. Seolah-olah orang lain pula yang bersalah sebab tak dapat nak menerima kesalahan yang dia bawa sebagai sesuatu yang biasa.’

‘An attempt to stereotype a new idea, which is originally, is not even part of our religion. To make it held in common by the members of the community. Cakap culture kang, orang tolak mentah-mentah, nanti dikata kita ni banyak sangat terbeban dengan adat yang melemahkan pemikiran bangsa; melayu kan mudah lupa.’

‘It is a generalization process. Popularizing a concept. padahal terlupa, adat melayu berpaksi Islam sejak disebarkan para pedagang. Maka ada adat yang bukan hanya dogengan atau cakap-cakap kosong orang dahulu kala tanpa basis yang jelas. Dari adat maka terbentuklah jati diri dan identiti. Identiti yang berasaskan adat yang bertunjangkan Islam, maka jadilah Melayu hari ini berakhlak dengan akhlak Islam.’ 

‘There are 2 extremes here: first, the ones that tremendously abide by the cultures, with every of them, a blind faith one. Yang rela dirinya terikat dengan adat yang lain dari Islam, macam satu kemestian dalam kehidupan. This type is obvious, identifiable, making this group a bull’s eye, susceptible target, a full- time subject of critics dari kumpulan yang berpegangan keras, dari mereka yang ada PhD dalam melabel bidaahkan manusia dan seisi alam.’

‘The 2nd one, at the other extreme, yang ramai pura-pura terima tak tentu hala sebab perasan boleh jadi cool after so long living in the super lame life; the ones that are too eager to have a total separation, a clear cut distinguished border between their daily life and the culture. They end up as a group of people with lack of identity, nil personality and puff…. With the miracle touch from the fairy godmother back in the Cinderella age, they turn out to be another American-wannabes.’  

‘These wannabe babes, selalunya tak ada yang ketuk, entah kenapa. Kalau ada yang tegur, dengan suara lemah gemalai je, tak sepenuh hati macam kat kumpulan yang lagi satu. A bias in our population. Macam immune pulak, maybe it’s due to the fact that they are wholly protected by the liberal bloc, nak marah karang nanti dikata menyekat kebebasan, human right la bagai.’

‘and they end up tak ada pedoman tapi still tegar untuk perasan bagus. I’m saying that, if there is any critics, make it fair and square for both groups. Jangan satu memang dikeji habis, dicop dilabel entah apa sampai ke neraka and the other side, tak terkutik pun, nak jentik pun payah, kononnya sebab nak berhikmah. Teguran untuk memperbanyak orang soleh, maka tegurlah dengan adil dan berhikmah, make it worked for both groups without any exclusions. Jangan main cuci tangan.’

 ‘If a TG thinks that he is always a woman trapped in a body of a man, in this wannabes cases, one might think that he’s an American trapped in an Asian body. Both claims are no more real than a claim that Charlton Heston is Moses, or Santa clause is real. Some even said that the liberalism itself is a mental disorder. But of course, the exclusion is for those who are hermaphrodites, the pseudo ones and the androgen insensitivity syndrome patients.’

‘These wannabes’ challenge is to let all the Asian people to know that they are all trapped in the wrong hosts. We shall go back to where we originally were, live like a westerner, act like a westerner and die as one, as well. Kadang tak sedar ke arah itu, tapi kelakuan membuktikan.’

Kacau. Pemikiran yang celaru dan keliru ni memang banyak menyusahkan orang. Perasan unik. Dan akhirnya yang seliberal dengannya akan menyokong dan berkata, ‘hey, so what’s wrong with what he was doing? Heck, a lot of people out there are doing the same too.’ One should ask, ‘which people?’ I bet the answer is, ‘there, in the western bloc’, AGAIN.’

Nak lebih panas dari biasa? In psychoanalysis, some believed that our behavior reflecting our inner conflict. Therefore, be extra careful when making the statement.’


‘Let say a (fanatic?) fangirl backing up her favorite guy. In her comment which was very indeed defensive and full with irrational emotions, she struggled to make sense out of the unacceptable behavior of her ‘idol’, as well as persistently persuaded the rest of the members of community to accept this offensive action as part of the revolution in Asian culture, be it in music, film or any industries. Weak, ineffectual, unsatisfactory excuses, of course.’

Tiba masa untuk berubah, jangan jadi katak bawah tempurung, ini bukan zaman tok kaduk, cuba la belajar terima budaya orang (baca: BARAT), matlamat menghalalkan cara, macam ni baru namanya maju dan dapat seiring dengan perkembangan hiburan di luar negara, inilah originality namanya, lebih lain dari biasa (perasan unik?) and etc.  Well, even though how unconvincing the reasons, basically I don’t have any reason to laugh at (menghormati usaha itu) atau jadi separa seram, but when it came to a plea like; ‘ok, he’s indeed was doing it. So, what’s wrong with it? Anywy, he’s hot’, it really freak me out.’

‘Indeed. Two mistakes here; first, there’s nothing hot about him or any fan idol and the final one; this is the real principle: from all the points discussed and argued sharply, the only thing that really crossed your mind was the fact that he’s hot. And I guess the hot people usually are free to do anything that the commoners are impossible to do, either due to the religious or cultural constraints. Then it must be lucky to be a hot stuff!’

‘The behavior or anything that you do or say was a reflection of your internal conflict, the unconscious forces and motives springing from the primitive emotional needs – and as mankind, the most is lust. For ages, many have tried to find ways controlling it but only few succeed.’

‘Love is blind. dah terjatuh minat semua layan. Buruk ditelan tanpa mahu fikir akibat jangka panjang. Tak mahu tegur takut tersinggung, tapi nanti makin buruk dan busuk laku dan nampak canggung. Crazy things people do for love. Being defensive, impulsive, compulsive, intensive and excessive.’

Cinta dengan memanjakan bukan satu didikan. cinta dengan ketegasan dan faham kebenaran adalah bukti sebuah kasih saying. orang tegur tanda peduli. Masih ada ruang di hati. Apa yang bagus sangat dengan tak peduli? Individualistic, selfish and self-centered.’

Ada orang cakap, pengucapan maaf itu adalah taubat, but taubat is actually more than simply apologizing especially without willingness and by force; due to the one’s interest or to run away from stigma and other’s prejudice. ‘
Ada 5 pillars of taubah, kan?’

‘I’tiraf, annadmu, al ‘azmu, al istighfar and arridha bil ‘iqab’