Saturday, March 3, 2012

don't make a fuss buddy ^_^

since I'm officially a full-time domestic engineer (happy mode) or to cut it short - I'm jobless (a-bit-down mode ), it gives me  a lot of twists and a blend of mixed feelings. happy - i enjoy it, freedom- oh, for heaven's sake, i enjoy it too, a bit too much, perhaps. boredom - oh, it comes unpredictably, alternating between a period of excitement and the realization that know i have nothing in my tiny little pocket. ok, make it simple - I'm broke

yes, I'm broke (sigh) but I'm at home, it's such an advantage since i got full access to internet and I tried to catch up (not so hard) to whatever in heaven's name happened in Malaysia.

lets start with the 1st leg Australasia tour cancellation. wow, a lot of noises. a lot of interferes. everyone wants to speak up his mind.

mind saya sangat brilliant, dengarlah alasan dan hujah-hujah saya, minda mereka berkata.

well, i don't know about it, how true it is, I'm not mind-reader neither got anything to do with smart reader :P

kalau semua nak bercakap, siapa pulak yang nak mendengar?

sayang, we all know even it's not totally true but at least Malaysia is trying her best to show the world that she is a Muslim country. respect la sikit. no no, i understand Miss Badu can accept the cancellation, i know she a bit upset but she at least learned something about the sensitivity and don't play play with it :)

one can name it anything - beauty of art, the art of fashion, the travel and living (ok, this one is mengarut) but this one - "Art is often misunderstood in the realm of religion." is a total crap. have u ever heard that art is for those who has high appreciation in nature and sensitive to his surrounding? nope? ok, i made it up.

Britannica Online defines art as "the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others." - can be shared with others, that's the keyword. if one can't share it due to it's nature that clearly against the culture and one's faith, it's best for one not to pull the trigger.

there are lots of comments, critics regarding the above issues. orang yang kena boleh terima, yang lain tak ada kena-mengena pulak yang terlebih bicara. don't do that people. please look for the reason behind it before getting too excited in condemning others :)

i love certain comments, in my opinion they are sensible and not letting their emotion get the best of them. cool mak cik, pak cik. insya Allah tak ada apa-apa setakat tak pi ke Miss Badu's concert  ^_^ :

'I don't remember anybody forcing Ms Badu to tattoo the name of Allah on her body. Nice to see a celebrity made aware of the consequences of using people's symbols of faith as fashion items.' - by music lover.  i like this one. comment pilihan minggu ini :)
'Eryka Badu should focus on her ability to resolve. As someone who is interested in performing abroad she should have a higher level of sensitivity and awareness. Even as performers, we as black people should work to both understand and respect different cultures. As someone living and working in the Middle East, tattoos of any nature are normally not welcomed! Do research, learn about the regions you intend to travel to and make a greater effort to move forward with a greater sense of global awareness.' by Carole Faye - this too is my favorite :)
'I would suggest that Jabatan Agama Islam in Malaysia should check all foreigners coming to Malaysia to not only be stripped naked for tattoos, all females checked that their virginity are still intact, all females coming unaccompanied by male relatives or husband should not be allowed into Malaysia. Or else our Malaysian Malays (females especially) will immediately and without the power to think for themselves imitate those foreigners and that would not be good for Malaysia and Muslims as a whole. As the Malays Muslims are easily led astray and weak minded ...' - come on, this one is sarcastic. please, don't overdo it. apabila anda terlalu emo ketika typing, u will do lots of typing errors yang terpaksa dibetulkan before I can post my blog entry ^_^

and this comment will answer the above one, 
'This is a matter of religion. I think we should leave it to that. It is offensive to all Muslims.
I am not so sure about your thought, but I do recalled few years back that Christians condemn madonna for dressing like a nun and for some artist to use cross during their concert.
Just leave it to Muslims to decide whether it is offensive.' - by Bru Tall

and the comments go on and on sampai semua yang emo berpuas hati dengan amukan mereka. it's classic evidence on how globalization affects the world in every region, in every country, in a bad way. well, everything has side-effect. atas nama globalisasi semua benda mudah untuk diterima, tanpa kadang seseorang itu sedar yang mereka adalah orang timur yang kaya adat, budi bahasa dan beragama.

babe, i can guarantee you that most of the comments came from Malaysian people who think there are western people trapped in easterner's body. that's why they rebel loudly. too loudly till at one point, we just miss their points ^_^ (just like the transsexual issue, u know; a girl trapped in boy's body, that's why they undergo sex reassignment surgery)

wmwmwm @_@

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