Monday, March 5, 2012

perfecto mamacita!

again, blogging is another way to show how jobless you're, ops. it's actually how jobless and boring I am right now \^_^/

there's a link above contained the syarah from an Ustaz (i guess, even if i didn't mention his name, a moment anyone clicks the link and once his face pops up in new tab, every Muslim Tom, Dick and Harry would definitely has no problem at all to recall his name together with his last name *betapa famous -nya beliau kalah celebrity*

I'm glad he still keeps the sunnah alive, wearing jubah and serban every time he appears on Malaysian tv.

heip heip, don't get me wrong, buddy ^_^ I'm not saying those who show up on tv wearing modern contemporary menswear are against the tradition of Muhammad pbuh ^_^ nope nope, there's nothing such. just an 'alim ( Intelligent , Learned man) once told me that those who run a da'wah (to invite, to offer to share) are better to cling to the tradition of the prophet (to the sunnah) as his tradition is like a light which will brighten the darkness.

ok, ayat mengada-ngada, panjang lebar tapi tak dapat difahami, baiklah, maksud saya sunnah itu umpama cahaya yang menerangi kesesatan, nak berdakwah, nak ajak orang buat baik, sebaiknya kena betul-betul ikut cara nabi, barulah dengan izin Allah orang yang diajak mudah terima da'wah atau ajakan kita ^_^

One of the scholars of the past, Imam Malik, said: “The Sunnah is like the ark of Noah. Whoever embarks upon it achieves salvation and whoever rejects it, is drowned”    

nowadays hot top pop issue other than politics, disasters, wars, terrorism and business is something known as hijab. what, you didn't want to believe? do believe it mister and miss even this is not Ripley's believe it or not ^_^

tak nak percaya jugak? degil ek, cuba ekau tengok jang berapo orang jadi kayo, terkonal lagi ha sobab tudung?

we have our YouTube star and blogger hanaTajima, our own local artists @ hijab stylists such as Yuna, Heliza, Najwa Latif (I don't remember her name at first, I keep on guessing but still her name didn't cross my mind, but no worries, Google is there to help, do type mukabuku and taraaa, her name is on top of the list) ^_^, we also have a lot of virtual stores, online shop selling variety of hijab, shawls and scarfs and not to forget hijab boutiques and outlet along peninsular Malaysia and the east coast.

supply and demand theory, among 4 basic laws is;
'If demand increases and supply remains unchanged, then it leads to higher equilibrium price and higher quantity.'
> products, > choices with higher or greater price, sometimes the shorter the hijab the more expensive it is.

it's good to know there are lots of options but is the hijab worth the money?

how do one suppose to know?

sebab tulah ada link di atas dan banyak lagi syarah dari ustaz-ustaz dan orang 'alim (yang lain-lain sila cari sendiri ^_^).

ok mari try to summarize it even though it is not perfectly:

yang dinamakan memakai tudung should fulfill these criteria before anyone on earth can claim any piece of cloth as hijab ^_^ ...  or even put a brand on it ;
1) bagi ada terjuntai sikit kain tudung tu kat depan supaya bila ada angin bayu membawa tudungku, maka tidaklah nampak dada 
2) selindung - nope nope dear, jangan transparent please. ini tudung, bukan sheer curtain rumah saya. pastikan tidak jarang dan tolong kasi longgaq na, sekali lagi, ini tudung, bukan legging ^_^ pastikan saya tutup leher,jangn ketat sampai nampak leher, telinga, sanggul (tolong jangan bagi nampak bonggol unta, kerana anda manusia, bukan unta ^_^) 
3) atas dada, bukan leher je tutup sipi-sipi tapi dada terbuka @ tudung {x} ≠ leher < x < dada, heip heip jangan masuk-masukkan tudung dalam baju nanti kena laknat. 
4) panjang tudung= atas pusat dan bawah dada, tudung {x} = dada < x < pusat - saya jangan kedekut-kedekut, Malaysia ada banyak kedai menjual kain tudung, panjangkanlah tudung saya dengan panjang yang sebenar
yep, i have to go checking my hijab too, jangan banyak cakap tapi tak buat ^_^


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